7 Reasons Some Women Think They Will Never Find Love

7  Reasons Some Women Think They Will Never Find Love

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According to Dr Annie Kaszina of YourTango, a new poll suggests that one woman in eight has given up on finding love.

But does this poll really predict the feelings of all heartbroken women around the world?

Dr Kaszina explains the reasons behind these new findings on the high rate of women giving up on love:

They’re Hurting: It doesn’t take a genius IQ to know that giving up on love is often a reaction to feeling deeply hurt and disenchanted. It’s the women who have invested the most in a failed relationship who’ve got their fingers most badly burnt. Not falling in love again is a way of protecting themselves in the future.

They Confuse The Issue: Falling in love is not the problem. The real issue is falling in love with the wrong guy. It’s all about missing the warning signs, not seeing the red flags, not hearing the warning bells, whistles and sirens. Giving up on love is a way of saying, “I don’t believe there’s another way of doing this thing called love, so the only option I have is to wash my hands of it.”

They Lack Awareness: Women who fall for a “bad boy” tend to do so more than once. When a relationship goes wrong, first you need time to lick your wounds. Then it’s time to look at the patterns like the kind of man you’re attracted to, the way you act in a relationship, the expectations and dreams that you bring to the table, what you turn a blind eye to, and much more. Blind love is often stupid Love. It pays to have a clear sight about yourself and your prospective partner before you dive into the romance.

They Take It Too Personally: Of course you can learn something from failed relationships, but too many women learn the misguided lesson that they’re less attractive and worthy human beings than the women who’ve managed to find a lasting relationship. A far more useful lesson is that failure means they’re simply doing something wrong. That really isn’t a disaster because you can always learn how to change a behavior.

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