7 Categories Of Young Ladies Around A Single Guy

Yes, it’s like a drama how same scenario keep reoccurring. She says she desires certain qualities in her ‘man’ but behold he comes, and she is still confused or, will I say “choosy”?
7 Categories Of Young Ladies Around A Single Guy

As a young man begins to edge closer towards marriage, certain girls or ladies troop in and troop out, only a few trust it and tarry.

Quickly, lemmie highlight some categories of ladies that a single guy MUST come in contact with before he finally and legally picks just ONE.


1. Miss “I actually love him for his money”.

You know, the “actually” there is usually silent. Why no lady should desire to marry a “poor” guy; choosing him because of his “success” has tremendous hazard. What if tomorrow he looses all? She’ll leave. He makes it, she comes. He looses, she leaves…bla bla bla! More like the “Highest bidder”. Isn’t that what “peddlers” do?

2. Miss “I love him for his vision- I will marry a man of vision than he with television”

Mind you, most bachelors have big TVs so my point isn’t that. Does he have a goal? An aim? An enterprising target? If Yes, she sticks to him against all childish advices from her friends. In his song “I need a girl” part 2; An excerpt reads, This is all I need…a pretty woman next to me, TO SHARE THE DREAM THAT I BELIEVE.
It might delay but it pays heavily especially if she stands solidly behind him in the challenges that might surface.

3. Miss “One leg in, one leg out”

In that song aforementioned, Diddy said, “if time gets hard, stick with me…She’ll fly with me when things get better”. (Paraphrase)
You see, the average Nigerian girl is just too impatient and shortsighted- which is not “bad”. Today she gives you a positive look and just when there is “shaking”, she calls it quit. Some keeps one leg in, one out and it’s so obvious! You’ve opened up but she isn’t ready for the “risk” or she doesn’t love or believe in you in the first place.

4. Miss “Age is not on my side OR My family wants me married this year ”

This set, you can tell they are desperate. They wanna just settle down because of both external and internal factors. Most times, they get into trouble because the number of “players” have increased. Often, the guy she truly loves isn’t ready for marriage but she has to get married. This usually repeats itself thus leaving some young married ladies unfulfilled in husband’s houses.

5. Miss “Expensive & Selective BUT Broke ”

What an irony!
This kind of girls sha! She has PHd in “formology” but has no money! What are you forming for? He comes around with almost all your “criteria” yet you’re still “thinking or praying” about it! He may not be a millionaire today but has a VISION, bus or taxi, store in Alaba or Aba or maybe a landed property somewhere… You know where you’re coming from even if your friends’ parents are rich…you know yours. So when they say, “dump his sorry a$$”! Think twice! Their parents can buy them a “husband” but you… “Make a decision today your tomorrow self will be proud of.”

6. Miss “Cheerful Giver AKA Side Chick”

Funny, she knows in her heart that her chances of getting you to marry her are slim. Sometimes, he may not like her dress-sense and manners but doesn’t let that infringe on “matters of the bed”. The relationship is more of mutual as she enjoys some financial benefits too. He doesn’t walk on the street with her and she doesn’t ask for more! Wow!

7. Miss “I rather stick with him than anyone else- I feel “secure & peaceful” being around him”

Wow, I love this! I’ve seen couples who pa$$ed through phase and succeeded. When a Lady chooses a guy because of this, it’s originally called LOVE. In this kinda relationship, he eats and plays the way he wants and she says, “That’s him for you” lol  He farts unafraid in her presence sef  & that’s Love! I’m not talking about being secure in an abusive relationship. There is no protocol of the guy having to always be the first to say “HI”. No! The chat mustn’t always go this way;

Guy: Hi
Lady: Hi
Guy: How are you?
Lady: m fin n u
Guy: Great.
Guy: #thinking of what next to ask#

Is she a log of wood?

When Love is in place, friendship resumes duty. How do real friends chat? Sometimes, they skip the “Hi” part and go on.

Must a guy form to get a girl? SMH
Can’t you appreciate the fact he is being factual than being fake?

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