6 Ways To Touch Her V@g!na


Women love to be touched, and they respond more to touch than men. I guess that is why they are always constantly pushing men away from having any form of physical contact with them. While a guy will go all hard and swallowing his Adam apple at the sight of a curvaceous woman. It takes most women more than your good looks or your six packs to get to a point where they can’t wait for you ravish their body. And one of the ways you blow your girl’s mind is if you know how to touch her vagina professionally, yes. As in, handle it like a profession. Trust me if you can do it well, you would have her looking forward to relive the experience with you over and over again. So, how do you do it right? How do you touch your woman or any other woman for that matter *winks*

Learning how to touch or finger your woman’s vagina can help improve your $exual repertoire. With the right type of stimulation, you can help her reach orgasm just by using your fingers and hands. It’s also a great activity to do when you’re not in the right place or don’t have time to strip off all your clothes. You know when you are in a dark corner on the club’s dance floor, or while you are just making out during lunch break at work.

But the best situation to touch your woman is when you are both relaxed, or at worst, when she is relaxed and you are both in the comfort of your room. And in this scenario, you might need a lubricant. Yes, lubricant. You can ask around for some good lubricants and you can just ask your girl. Now, let’s get into the art of touching her step by step.

Know what she likes.

All women are different and have different sensitive areas on their genital regions. Some women enjoy full finger penetration, while others would prefer you stay near the outer edge of the vagina, which is usually more sensitive. Clitor*l stimulation is key for most women while fingering, but some women don’t like having their clitoris touched directly. But in all, knowing what your woman wants is the beginning of taking her to that $exual Eldorado. All you need to do is just ask.

Start slow.

No matter what she tells you, or what some of your friends have told you about touching a woman’s vagina; never jump in full force. Remember, you have to arouse her first. Talk dirty, touch her BR*ASTS, rub her thighs, kiss her belly-button, kiss her thigh, suck her toes, make her shiver – just whatever your partner needs to get aroused is exactly what you should be doing before you finger her vagina.

Touch her softly.

When she’s aroused, she is sure to be wet. After that, proceed to rub her vaginal lips softly, starting at the base of the vaginal canal. You’ll feel the moisture and know that you can go in deeper. But continue this motion for a few more strokes to get her more aroused. Don’t touch the clitoris just yet. Make her moan and whine that beautiful waist. By now, she would even be asking you to insert your finger deeper, but don’t fall for the temptation. Your goal is to satisfy her and make her have your number on speed dial whenever she is in the mood to play. So take more time to touch her softly until she is more aroused.

Now insert your fingers slowly.

When she’s plenty wet, insert your finger, the first one, mostly the index, two or three fingers – whatever she likes, into her vaginal canal. But remember to vary your movement, you can ask her if she likes you to insert more fingers, yes. Some women can take the whole fist. Ridiculous? Maybe, but nothing is impossible.

G-spot is next.

I remember I have written about how to locate the g-spot. Most of us get it wrong and we never actually find it. If you didn’t read it then, learn it here. When you insert your fingers into the vaginal canal, push them upward toward her stomach. You may be able to feel a small area that has a different texture than the rest of the vaginal canal, much like the roof of your mouth. That’s the g-spot. You might not be able to find it in all women, but if you find it, push on it with full thrusts, as you would your pen*s during intercourse, stimulating it with fast, even motions.

Don’t forget the clitoris.

For the majority of women, clitor*l stimulation is the key to climaxing. Rub softly all around her clitoris, which is located just inside the vaginal lips near the top of her genitals. Don’t forget to borrow some lubrication from her vaginal canal. Never rub a dry clitoris or clitor*l region. Once she gets really revved up, you can touch the clitoris directly and quicken the pace. You should also be varying the motion, such as flicking back and forth or rubbing in circular motions. When she’s close to reaching orgasm, touch the clitoris directly and move fast. Keep moving faster and faster until she climaxes.

But note that you should not be touching a dry vagina because this will likely be uncomfortable or even painful for her. If your woman is not wet enough at first; use lubrication like I suggested earlier, before starting the fingering process. In my opinion, water-based lubrication is the best.

After all these, do NOT forget to eat her pus*y. Yes! DO NOT FORGET. Maybe I might write on how best to eat your woman someday. Or maybe a generous female reader can help us. Just indicate in the comment section. Stay Safe.



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