6 Things A Man Should NEVER Do For The Woman He Loves

Men, are you doing these things in the name of love? Stop it.

6 Things A Man Should NEVER Do For The Woman He Loves

I don’t know about you, but there seems to be a little too much man-hating going on in today’s world. By the look of things, the “girl power” movement has slowly evolved into more of a man belittling movement. The Internet is filled with articles and posts about everything men do wrong. There are hundreds of opinions out there on what men should not do or say to the women they love. They tear men down and more or less tell them to do deal with it. However, when men so much as whisper their opinion on the matter, claws come out.

Personally, I think it is about time for someone to stick up for the guys. So instead of giving you yet another lengthy list of things men should never do or say to women, I am going to flip it around a little. Here are 6 things a man should never do for a woman in the name of love:

1. Let her guilt him into doing things

This is called being emotionally abusive and manipulative. It is not acceptable. A man should never let his sweetheart guilt trip him into doing something just because he loves her. That is not how love works. It is totally fine to sacrifice your wants for the needs of another. That is love. But when this love is manipulated by tears and selfish desires, a line must be drawn.

2. Put himself into financial ruin

Men have the natural desire to feel confident in their abilities as a provider. Because of this, many men will give into the every want of their sweetheart, purchasing their way into horrendous debt. No matter how much your wife loves to shop there will be more tears when you find yourself with nothing than there will be when you insist on living within your means. Your significant other should love who you are more than what you can buy for her.

3. Pretend to be who he isn’t

This should be pretty obvious. No one should feel the need to be someone they aren’t around the love of his or her life. Relationships that are built upon false identities and a$$umptions are almost always doomed for failure. Always be yourself with the woman you love. If it turns out that she does not love who you really are, she is not worth your time or emotion.

4. Give up his values and beliefs

Men, never ever give up your beliefs, values or religion for a woman. A woman who truly loves you would never make you give up your core beliefs for her. This is not true love. Your values and beliefs are a part of who you are. If your sweetheart cannot accept this, she does not really love you. This does not mean that she needs to agree with and share your beliefs. It does mean that she should respect them.

5. Suppress his emotions

Today’s society puts a large amount of pressure on men to be “manly.” This manliness is often stereotyped as rough, tough and emotion free. The truth is that men are every bit as human as women, and humans feel. So, while a man might act the part of a man out in public, he should not feel the need to put on the stone face around the woman he loves. Your sweetheart should be your safe place where you feel free to express and openly feel your emotions. A man should never hold in his feelings in fear that the woman he loves will think him weak or unmanly.

6. Change his dreams or career

Just because it may not be her dream, does not mean it cannot be yours. A man has just as much right to dream as a woman does. While romantic relationships will often require some dreams to be sacrificed, those sacrifices should not require you to live in misery. Men should not give up doing what they love for something their wives or in-laws think is better. A woman who truly loves you will support you in your dreams and choice of career. What is important to you should be important to her.

source: familyshare.com

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