6 Questions Senate Asked Amaechi, Swore Never To Have Collected Bribe In His Life

The Nigerian Senate on Thursday, October 22, screened a former governor of Rivers state, Rotimi Amaechi in the ongoing Ministering screening exercise.

Here are the few questions, he was asked below:

– Can you expose the details of the corruption charges leveled against you?

– What will you do in your first 100 Days as Minister of the Federal republic of Nigeria?

– Can you, in your own view define what corruption is all about?

– Can you tell us what transpired at the Nigerian Governors’
Forum with the political calculations?

– Can you tell us what happened during the Presidential election as the DG of the APC Presidential campaign and how your candidate emerged?

– If appointed as a Minister of the Niger-Delta, tell us the change you will bring on board?

Meanwhile, it was gathered that Amaechi made a statement most Nigerians won’t agree with.

When told to clear his name of corrupt dealings, the ex Rivers state governor says “I have never collected a bribe in my life.” ‘If we keep to the rule of law, allow a Governor to function as a Governor, that will be it’

Rotimi Amaechi is widely perceived in Nigeria to be among the caucus of politicians who are notoriously corrupt and loot the country’s treasury indiscriminately.

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