5 top reasons for medical travel to Germany

Alone in 2013, approx. 250,000 patients from 177 countries visited Germany. But what makes the country so attractive? It’s much more than its pleasant climate, safety or the fabulous shopping. What people from all over the world look for in Germany is quality: The German health care system is one of the best in the world. From acute emergencies to rehabilitation measures – in terms of service spectrum, success rates and medical equipments, the medical location Germany is in a class of its own. To make treatment as easy and enjoyable as possible for foreign patients, services such as interpretation services, assistance with visa formalities or the entertainment of family members are, of course, provided. Here is an overview of the top five arguments:

1. Expertise meets routine: Doctors in Germany know what they are doing

Before a doctor can practice in Germany, he goes through a seven-year long study with integrated practice units. Many doctors subsequently specialize in a specific field, in order to combine their knowledge there. But that’s not all, the education is not yet complete: Regular continuous trainings are required by law. This is also necessary to stay up-to-date with the latest state of the art German medical research in the long run. Based on this, patients receive a comprehensive diagnosis and an individually suitable therapy of the highest level. Another German specialty are clinics that are dedicated to just one field or even just one disease, for example, prostate cancer. A similar medical quality is often not available to many patients in their home country.

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2. High-tech made in Germany

For many new therapies and diagnostic methods, a specific equipment is required. In German clinics medical equipments are used, which have been developed according to the latest know-how and have been sufficiently tested. Germany is rated as a market leader in terms of hygiene also: A number of provisions and certifications ensure an advanced hygiene management. Germany alone has more than 35 university hospitals. Here and in other research institutes, medical research is carried out continuously to optimize medications, therapies and equipments. Patients benefit directly from the research results. All these are factors that are crucial for recovery and often not self-evident in many countries.

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3. Waiting lists? None!

Those who are sick will get help immediately and without having to wait. Unfortunately, the hospitals of many countries, however, are overloaded. In Germany, there are more than 2,000 hospitals and private clinics. In addition there are more than 1,200 hospitals that are available for preventive examinations and rehabilitation measures. Thus, Germany can guarantee short waiting periods to his patients and ensure the fastest possible surgery or therapy in most cases.

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4. The price-performance ratio is good

Every patient, whether national or international, finds in Germany the best possible medical care for his money. In particular, surgical interventions are relatively inexpensive here. Compared to Switzerland  or the United States, the cost of private treatment are often only one-third or less. Even patients who do not have a health insurance, can be treated at a very good price-performance ratio in Germany.

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5. Getting out of the hospital: Germany offers more

The entire family benefits from a medical trip to Germany. Scheduled interventions or check-ups can be easily combined with a vacation. Enjoy the unspoilt nature and diverse cultural activities, there is so much to discover! The climate is pleasant and the German home cooked food or the beer is famous in the world. Safety is another major advantage: You can move around freely alone at any time of the day or night. All these factors contribute to the fact that patients and their family members in Germany feel happy and recover speedily.

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