5 Reasons Why A Call-Girl “Ashawo” Can Never Equate A Loving Girlfriend


Some guys, in their hopeless state of loneliness, have decided to run to prostitutes for ‘love’ and ‘comfort’ . Sometimes, I wouldn’t blame them since most of them have suffered terribly well in the hands of some cruel girls who have squeezed and squashed their hearts like an overripe paw-paw Such guys must have vowed never to fall victim again and they would feel the only way to enjoy love and romance is to patronize prostitutes extremely

If truth be told, call-girls will not give you the love you are yearning for; if $ex is what you want, I wonder how ‘sweet’ it is to ‘moyokor’ someone who doesn’t have any emotional attachment with you and someone who you hold in high esteem, admire and cherish with your entire soul Below are some reasons why you waste your time searching for love, comfort and $ex in call-girls :

1) No emotional attachment:

Why go to seek love and love-making in someone whose name you don’t even know and may never know? If she tells you a name, that’s not her name! If you feel it is her real name, then you are a compound buffoon!!! Guy, you virtually knows nothing about her…her family background, place of origin, place of residence and family members!!! What if you are sleeping with a demon unknowingly When you have a loving woman who you cherish and have emotional attachment with, it could be better you know


2) Bargaining price with a lady before $ex can lower libido and make $ex uninteresting:

I thought I was the only one with this experience until I spoke to some persons who confided in me that they also share such experience. If I bargain price with a woman before doing the ‘do’, my interest for love-making dies inexplicably!!! A pros will not give you the love you seek for; love-making, to say, is uninteresting!

3) Addiction:

Just as some guys are addicted to alcohol and drugs, that’s how one can get addicted too. If you seek love and romance in pros, you may easily get addicted! Na there u go throway all your salary put And the most annoying thing is that your $exual appetite can never be satisfied just as it is with cocaine Again, a pros cannot equate a loving girlfriend.


4) Unfavourable conditions attached to a call-girl’s love-making:

Please, don’t ask me how I got to know this one . When you are getting intimate with a call-girl, she tells you ‘I don’t want to turn abeg’ Ehen!!! You nor wan give me anoda style? Other conditions are ‘Abeg, do quick quick make you comot’ …’Abeg, no kiss me’…’No touch my bosoms o!’…’Your money go increase o’ Chai!!! All these are trash! Love-making should not be mixed with such conditions. It should be enjoyed with genuine pa$$ion and not fake moaning!

5) She can never be in the same picture with you:

This means you are not in her picture; she will not motivate or inspire you! The only connection between both of you is just your money. Book of Proverbs tells us how ‘she’ lies in wait for her ‘innocent victim’.

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