5 Pleasant Ways To Break Up With Your Partner Gently


Breaking up with your partner is not something Hard but after break up, there should be friendship between you two, unless your partner was toxic about your well being.

Breaking Up with your partner doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have something together later in the future

There are so many ways to break up which is nice and amicable. Here are just 5 easy and simple steps I recommend:

1. Honesty: Be completely honest with your soon to be ex-partner. And while being honest try to be nice too.

2. Don’t do it over the phone: Using any other device is unacceptable. Emails and text messages could be quite disrespectful.

3. Don’t answer back when they are upset: Make them understand why you are doing it. Don’t fire back even they hurl insults out of anger.

4. Choose the right time: Make sure your partner is stable. You don’t breakup with them when they are going through some other emotional issue, that’ll be too much for them.

5. Don’t include anyone’s name during your discussion: While letting them know why you don’t want to be with them, you can spare them details of your new partner if you already have one.

Take their feelings into consideration first.

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