5 Excuses Students Give To Their Parents When They Fail Their Exams


MASS FAILURE – when a student fails in his grade, he will have to improvise a way out to lie to his parents that all of his colleagues virtually failed the course, that only 3 out of his 65 colleagues only managed to pass with an “E” grade.

THE LECTURER HATES ME – this is another flimsy excuse that they normally give their parents, that the lecturer really dislikes him/her due to one reason or the other.

PREJUDICE – this relates to students who study outside of their state, they will blame the lecturer for being biased on the non indigene students, that he only favours the students of his tribe with bright grades but only gives us low grades despite our hardwork and excessive reading.

SORTING – the lecturer is always pre-disposed towards receiving money from students to upgrade their scores and if any student is obstinate and refuses to cooperate, then the lecturer in question will intentionally fail the student.

THE LECTURER WAS A STUDENT OF THAT DEPARTMENT AND GRADUATED WITH A THIRD CLASS – lol this is the highest lies that students fabricate to their parents to exonerate themselves from blame, they deceive their parents that the lecturer was indeed a student in that department and graduated with a low result and only studied P.G.D and masters thats why he is out to frustrate students so that they dont graduate with good grades too.

Lol are you guilty of this, which number did you always fall into to exonerate yourselves from blame because of your poor grades.


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