5 Advantages Of Darkskin Over Lightskin

5 Advantages Of Darkskin Over Lightskin
Dark skin is cheaper and easy to maintain,most people refer to darkskinned peeps as naturally beautiful or handsome,infact darkskin represent our african legacy.so we checking out some advantages of been darkskinned,this post is aimmed at educating people who feel inferior because of their darkskin and become pressure to change their skin colour….just know that you are beautiful and handsome just the way you are…you dont need to listen to Mrcork because he secretly wish to be like you…Now lets get it on

1)You dont have to worry about maintaining your skin colour unlike Lightskinned people
Most times you see lightskinned peeps changing creams up and down all in the name of looking for one that suits their skin colour,they spend thousands of naira just to get a suitable cream and most times this products are not readily available,well darkskinned peeps need no bother about all that,all we do is buy shear butter or vaseline from any store or market and you are good to go,inshort it wunt cost us more than a hundred or two hundred naira

2)No one will accuse you of bleaching
Some people are accused of bleaching even if they are naturally lightskinned because of the crase of bleaching creams nowadays,in d race of trying to maintain their lightskin they go for damaging cosmectic products this is not the case if you are darkskinned,No one will even suggest that you are bleaching.you only look more radiant with #50 vaseline,although vaseline is getting scarce now thanks to our three legged brothers

3)wearing of bright coloured cloths won’t bother you,because you look nice in them.
Have you all noticed a lightskinned girl on yellow or red gown,she looks like rainbow,a darkskinned person need no bother about colours because most colours look nice on them

4)A scar on the darkskin does not easily show unlike lightskin
unlike lightskinned people scars are almost invisible on darkskin,while it leaves a black patch on lightskin,most times they dont play rough and even avoid the use of sharp objects,they know it will leave an everlasting mark on them

5)wound heals faster on darkskin than lightskin
Have you all noticed that when a darkskinned person get a wound on their skin,it heals faster compared to a lightskinned person

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