4 Reasons Why Male Celebrities Go For Baby Mamas

4 Reasons Why Male Celebrities Go For Baby Mamas

Back in the days, unwanted pregnancy was something that made people cringe with fear of humiliation.

4 Reasons Why Male Celebrities Go For Baby Mamas

It was a situation that made the affected young ladies wants to run away from home or change location as they couldn’t bear the constant taunts and scorn that came with their pregnancy but in the present time, not much thought is given to that situation anymore. It’s been wildly accepted as a norm in the society now.

Let’s look at various scenarios that seem to be promoting this Baby Mama trend.

Shying away from responsibilities:Men these days feel they have what it takes to have kids without being ready to go through the usual marriage rites often prefer to have baby mamas. It’s a way of dodging or shying from their responsibilities. They want children of their own because they have reached a particular stage when they feel incomplete without having kids but they don’t want to be solely responsible for them. In some cases, they cater for these kids and their mothers and sometimes they simply disappear. A desired young woman is courted briefly and gotten pregnant at the long run.

Fame: Young men of our society having attained success at a very early stage in life tend to have so much adrenalin flowing through them. They feel the urge to explore and have as many women as they want to themselves. They aren’t cautious and are nonchalant when it comes to women. Ladies on the other hand get attracted to famous men and get carried away in the bid to enjoy life to the fullest with them. Ladies throw themselves at the men without considering the consequences. I’ve heard ladies declaring their love for certain stars and the extent to which they could go just to have their kids.

Greed: Another reason why the idea of being a man’s baby mama sells more is insatiable greed. The man, because of the success attained starts to see himself as a super man and feels he’s too much of an asset to a woman. Having different women at his beck and call makes it difficult for him to stay connected to one. Commitment becomes a difficult quest. The woman too, having recognised the potentials of the man starts to see things in a long term away. His dreams and ambition gives her the impression that he would make a good life partner. Her judgement becomes cloudy while she throws caution to the wind. Even when she gets pregnant, she thinks having a baby for him would make him more endearing and settle down with her. She sees herself as an undefeatable player who stands a better chance compared to the other ladies he might be seeing. Before long, she becomes a baby mama and the man is on to the next girl that catches his fancy.

Men often go for women who have gone past the settling down age. It’s an arrangement of convenience for both parties. The women with lost interest in marriage prefer to have children of their own and care less whether the men assume responsibility or not. Most of these women are capable of raising kids on their own but only want to do so with certain men.

The baby mama idea still doesn’t sound right and it’s still pregnancy out of wedlock which has been in existence for years and has been criticised by people with morals and values. So the paparazzi of being a baby mama should be dropped a bit or rather the women should have a rethink on the issue and conduct themselves as dignified and reputable women of the society while the men step up their game and promote good cultural and sustainable values.

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