10 important life decisions you should make for your own good

10 important life decisions you should make for your own good

In life. Letting someone else make life decisions for you could be very harmful to your well being in general.

Your life pa$$es you by slowly when you don’t take control of everything that concerns you which could affect your relationship with others. Always remember it’s your life and no one else’s.

Jodie Brownell of All Women Stalk lists 10 important life decision every girl and woman should make to herself:

1. To live every moment to the absolute fullest!:Hey girl, have you felt bored or sluggish lately? If so, it’s because you have not made the decision to live every moment to the fullest! You only have so many days on this earth, so make the effort to live the best life ever! Even those days that seem endless can turn into the best day of your life, but you have to be one to change your outlook and mood! Don’t wait for the perfect moment to start living, NO, take the moment and make it the best one ever!

2. To allow herself room for improvement and multiple chances!: Are you a perfectionist who needs to get everything right the first time? Or do you tend to crawl into a ball and cry of shame after you make a mistake? If so, honey relax. You are human and bound to make some mistakes here and now. So understand that you are imperfect…but also how that is what makes you perfect! You are a perfectly imperfect young woman, so own that!

3. To love her body, take good care of it & be proud of it!: Your body is your dear temple, so take care of it. Stop feeding it so much junk, stop shaming it with negative self-image talk, just love it and it will take care of you in return. Remember, your body is your body. No one has the right to label it, restrict it, take advantage of it, etc. So own who you are, and be proud!!

4. To pursue her dreams & let nothing stand in her way!:You know that little feeling you have that wants to soar through life and accomplish your destiny? If you do, listen to it and follow it! This feeling is your pa$$ion and your calling to life. Don’t wait any longer to go after your dreams. You were born for a purpose and now it’s time to start living it out! Also don’t let other’s small imagination and negative words keep you from following your dreams. Just ignore them and find a new support system!


5. To say “Yes” to new opportunities that will help her grow!: This goes hand in hand with following your dreams. Have you found yourself hesitant to take risks and say “yes” to new opportunities? If so, why? Are you scared, too comfortable where you are, or think that you don’t deserve it? If so, let me remind you of three things: First of all, everything you want in life is on the other side of fear. 2nd, life is about going beyond your comfort zone, for that is the only way you grow. Finally, you deserve it, honey!…every inch of you deserves to live the best life your could ever imagine!!

6. To never underestimate her worth and never settle for less than she deserves: You are worth more than you could ever imagine, so never settle for less than what you deserve! And this goes for everything; job, relationships, and all!

7. To have patience & love towards herself and others: One of the best qualities a woman can have is patience and love towards others and herself. You should always have high standards, but that does not mean you have the right to have a bad attitude. Remember the saying; treat others the way you want to be treated, well why not start living this way? What can you lose?

8. To use her story & voice to inspire others!: Your life is your story, so use it to inspire others. It does not matter how many mistakes you’ve made in the past, for it’s how you brought yourself out of them that counts. Be proud of your story and use your voice to help other woman as well. Many of us have not experienced what you have, so enlighten us with your wise words, darling, for your voice is every powerful!

9. To count her blessings everyday & keep a positive attitude!: In life there is always things to be thankful for; your house, job, shoes, clothes, car, food, family, etc. So make the decision of that whenever you start hating your life or wanting more than you already have, to count your blessings. Because when you see how blessed you are, you’ll start loving your life and be ok with where you are. Also never lose hope, for there are always more blessings coming, just be patient.

10. To be true to herself and the world: Lastly, make the decision to be 100% the true and amazing YOU! You are such a gift to the word, so never cut yourself short by trying to be someone else. This world wants the natural you; the funny, weird, perfectly imperfect you.

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