10 Dos & Don’ts Of Online Dating




Let’s get this straight – you’re never really done with dating until you’ve tried online dating. Say whatever you want, but online dating could be your game changer and be the most fun and exciting way for you to meet someone, go on unpredictable dates, and possibly fall in love. If you’re ready to jump onto the Internet dating bandwagon, here are some dos and don’ts you should know!


1. Take it slow – Don’t appear needy and let things flow naturally. If there is chemistry, it will kick in sooner or later. You don’t need to push it or spam him with tons of messages when he takes long to respond. When you know more about him and you’ve started going on dates, it’s okay for him to come pick you up and drop you off. However, never ever rush into anything too quickly by inviting him in.

2. Pursue only a few at a time – One problem with Internet dating is corresponding with too many people

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